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Roommate Horror Stories

Roommate Horror Stories


You’re going to want to listen to this one.

Prepare yourself for an episode of hair-raising roommate horror stories and self-reflection as we delve into the chaotic world of bad roommates. Join us as we share our own experiences and unearth tales of nightmare roommates from the depths of the internet.

In this eye-opening episode, we shine a spotlight on the dark side of cohabitation, discussing the not-so-pleasant aspects of sharing living spaces. From messy common areas to sleepless nights and everything in between, we explore the range of ways we've been bad roommates ourselves and the valuable lessons we've learned along the way.

But it doesn't stop there. We're here to regale you with jaw-dropping stories of roommate misadventures that will leave you in disbelief. Brace yourself for tales of stolen food, fist fights, and bizarre habits that will make you appreciate your own roommates a little more.

Join us as we share laughs, commiserate, and provide a much-needed cathartic outlet for anyone who has ever lived with a less-than-ideal roommate. It's time to let the tales of bad roommates run wild and remind ourselves that we are not alone in this wild journey of shared living spaces.

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Music by the fabulous Jacob Seely

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