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Your Mom’s Home is a place for thoughts on politics, culture, and entertainment. Nothing is going to go too in depth, but hopefully everything is thought provoking.

What do you get by subscribing?

A newsletter written by DJ Belnap about once a week. Hopefully thought provoking, but definitely about something relevant and certainly opinionated.

And, This, That, and Chit Chat, our tentpole podcast. This will be strictly entertaining. Nothing in it will be newsworthy or news focused, just two friend chatting about reality tv, celebrity gossip, our friends, and basically anything else on our minds.

Why is it called Your Mom’s Home?

Great question. Two reasons. I don’t want this to be the DJ show forever; I hope to get other contributors. And two, I don’t want the name to be too constraining, the topics are going to vary and I want people to know what they’re getting.

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I have a lot of opinions, and it’s time the world hears them.
I feel really strongly about a lot of things that don’t really matter.